Friday, April 22, 2011

tons of eggs

i got myself in a bit of a pickle. i offered to make deviled eggs for the dinner Sunday. no problem. but i am trying to outdo myself, so i am making eggs with 3 or 4 toppings. the yolk part is all the same, but i am thinking of doing different sprinkles:

  • paprika- for wussies- 5 dozen halves
  • ranch powder- 12 halves
  • corky's bbq spice- 12 halves, if i don't do this, i just add 6 to the ranch and dill
  • dill- 12 halves, i know, it is very very martha
i will let you know which went over well. yes, i will count the eggs. that way i will know and have actual numbers to back up my responses. plus izzy has to do a match project and we have to take notes that she will then place on index cards and cover them in pink glitter.

but i have to boil 4 dozens eggs. i am starting tonight, so tomorrow everything will be chilled and i can make the yolk goo. i have the biggest rubbermaid tote that really shallow and it shall hold eggs. i am also taking a nice glass dish if my grandmother's.

so i will be boiling eggs.

for a long time.

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