Thursday, February 24, 2011


i haven't been blogging lately because i have had some type of evil disease, which i strongly believed may have been a gift from my grandchildren. it snowed the week before valentine's day, a hard snow that came out of nowhere. my son called us and we ended up picking up the grandchildren at their school, as root and chicky were both at work and unable to pick them up.

they stayed the night and the next day, as their school was closed. it was easier just to keep them here rather than add in 4 trips back and forth to our house. we had a ball- we made snowcream, then had snow-cones the next day. they ate 6 bags of microwave popcorn and i fear that we got a case of popcorn flu lung disease. you know little kids are just walking cooties. their mother works at a hospital, so you know she comes home superinfected from every bug there is out there.

as i mention, we don't have heat except for space heaters. the kids slept in my bed and even with a queen-sized bed, there wasn't a lot of room. we piled every available blanket on the bed and ended up with 5! the kids loved it because i made them lay down and i made the bed over them. they tossed and tumbled and did all kinds of nocturnal gymnastics. i woke up once to go the bathroom and they were so intertwined, they formed an X. when i went to go back to bed they had a + sign. i rolled them back into a normal semblance of organized sleep. itchy was sleeping upside down and had pulled the top blanket up close on both sides, so it was like a sleeping bag. i think we will sleep like this on purpose next time. 

i didn't have any clothes for them to sleep in, so they ended up wearing my t-shirts and each had a pair of spa socks. they stayed nice and toasty. we played a convoluted game of monopoly where we start out playing as 3 players, itchy and scratchy always pool their resources and loan each other money, so at some point i will overpay the rent and make myself broke. then they spend the next hour counting up all the money they won. they also played "the price is right" on the nintendo ds, and they get so excited when they win. i always cheer and clap for them. they scream and jump up and down. hilarity ensues. haha.

relations with their mother is very strained. she always has chris call me to do things for her. i think she is afraid to come to the house without chris because she is afraid i will jump her and kick her stupid butt. i am always very cordial to her, but she is very guarded with me. i don't care anymore. 

lately, root, bobo and i have been going out to lunch together at some chinese place on saturday-  lots of variety and it has macaroni and cheese, chicken-on-stick and pizza for the kids to eat while i get my sushi fix. the kids love the rubbery jell-o and mandarin oranges, while i stick to cantaloupe, honeydew melon and pineapple. we missed last week because bobo and i were ill with some disease that probably would have killed off a colony of pioneers. i think we will live. we were so sick we haven't bought anything except popsicles and soup for 2 weeks. we ate out one night when we were both feeling better. i decided it would be good to sleep sitting up, so that if i were to actually toss my cookies, i would have a headstart. luckily, i slept surprising well. but i was sick as a dog again the next morning. 

i want to revisit the restaurant, which just opened new year's eve. they have a seafood buffet, the crown jewel being HUGE shrimp boiled in cajun seasoning. i want to go back when i can eat more than just a couple, which i did this time to try and baby my stomach. when i go back, i plan on eating at least a dozen. they have a decent salad bar but i think i will bring some bacon bits from home. they didn't have any. bacon makes everything better anyway.

i am going to try to blog more now that i am among the living, not feeling like one of the living dead.

what's going on with you?

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