Friday, February 18, 2011

long time ago

i haven't been posting- heck, i haven't even been online much lately- because the grandkids gave me some kind of flu. the weather has been absolutely nuts- 1 foot of snow last week, 70 degrees today- and my son asked me to pick up the kids the day of the big snowstorm. the kids ended up spending the night and the next day because their school was closed and everybody else had to work. they slept in my bed and i guess their germs incubated in me while they slept. i have lost 10 lbs. since last week, so i'm not really complaining but yes, i am complaining. i have been taking copious amounts of nyquil and all manner of medication. no good.

i am getting spring fever. i have been decluttering and throwing stuff out left and right. i am so ready for spring to be here- for more than a few days at least! i finished putting down the bricks for a flowerbed on one of the pretty days before i got sick, but i really hope i will be able to move. i only have 2 iris bulbs planted.

the reason?

i have found a property that i want to buy. it's a larger house, 11 acres and a shop. the shop brings in $800 a month rent and there is an additional $200 you earn monthly for leasing the space for a billboard. so say the note was $1400, i would only pay $400 for my house note. i'm working on getting my ducks in a row. so i can hopefully very soon dig up my 2 iris bulbs and plant them at the new house, on each side of the door.

a girl can dream, huh? but i am forging ahead. i have crunched the numbers and it seems like we qualify for a special loan program offered by our state.

i've got my fingers and toes crossed. please pray for me. this could be a very lucrative thing for me.

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