Friday, February 18, 2011

are we getting stupider?

we have a local newscaster here that was talking about a pharmacy robbery where they stole a bunch of xanax, and she pronounced it axe-an-axe.

another channel had the poor anchor talking about a trailer fire caused by "burning incest". he turned bright red as the news went to commercial, then he made a correction and said it was caused by "burning incense".

based on the part of town the trailer was located, it could have gone either way.

does anyone besides me get pissed when they are asked for their "social"? my "social" what: standing, event, disease? what? oh, did you mean my social security number?

i hate it.

it makes me want to bop them in the head.

i did notice that the president barack obama and judge judy have both on occasion used the word "social", but then they also used the word "social security number". i think they have only used it so that all the people who have iqs below 80 know what they are talking about.

does anyone get a social check? well, except maybe paris hilton.

well, at least i have that off my chance. another pet peeve- voice recognition routing menus "for the recptionist, save or enter zero" thingys. but i don't want to have a stroke and ruin what looks like a lovely week-end. i'll get on my soapbox about that some other time.

i plan on taking my granddaughter to see "gnomeo and juliet" and eat at steak-n-shake. let me post repeat steak-n-shake. maybe a coupon for steak-n-shake will magically appear on my page. yes, maybe the ad fairy that flys from blog to blog, conjuring up coupons with a swish of glitter and a wave of her wand. steak-n-shake. steak-n-shake. steak-n-shake.steak-n-shake. steak-n-shake. steak-n-shake. steak-n-shake.

what do you have on your plate for this week-end? provided we don't have snow tornadoes or the sun starts spitting fireballs? WHAT IS UP WITH THE WEATHER?

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