Sunday, January 23, 2011

i want my bath salts!

if you haven't heard yet, people are using bath salts to get high. i'm not sure if you would snort it like a line of cocaine or use one of those hard cubes like crack, or inject the goo inside those colored beads. the mind boggles.

i've heard of some stupid things. but i've never once even considered using some skin so soft to get off. i scrub my hooves occasionally and i love using my brown sugar scrub. i got mine at a while back. i don't want to scrub my foot down to the bone, so it lasts a while.

the japanese say a good bath is a gift from the gods. i agree. i'm big on philosophy amazing grace. it reminds me of the cologne they put in the little purse sets when i was young. just float away.

god, i love a bath!

when bath salts are outlawwed, only outlaws will have bath salts.


  1. Snorting bath salts? Ouch, my nose! Talk about a sinus infection!!

  2. the thought of a jean nate colada scares me.


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