Wednesday, January 19, 2011

finding a purpose

i wish we had heat, it's so hard to to anything when every joint is stiff? i think i'm going to fill the small propane tank to take the chill off the house. it's not too bad, the temp instead hasn't gotten below fifty-four. add in the space heaters and quilts and layers of wam clothes.

i went to the doctor's office today. i have some funky sinus thing going on. i also got refills for everything but the diet pill. i have a few left of those. i am going to get serious and buckle down to lose weight. i  hope to lose at least another 30 so i can get some cute fat bitch clothes for summer. i'm think a lot of black capris. i also need to find an avon lady to get some SOS spray. we are putting up the gazebo this spring, so i will get to spend more time outside. i can't wait. maybe more vitamin d will help with my low energy levels.

i have a lot of organizing to do. i need to do some major culling. i have to try to decide if it's worth moving, i'm chunking a lot of stuff left and right. but eventually i shall see walls and floors.

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