Monday, May 23, 2016

Why won't she leave me alone?

I started getting weird phone calls again, with the phone numbers blocked. They leave messages where you hear nothing except a blaring TV, usually a certain court show, whose timing tells me they are calling from the immediate area.

Except the last two calls. Where I have heard my sister's husband in the background calling her by name. You can hear the phone speaker being covered up and a loud SHUSH. Then a hang-up. Wonder who it might be???

She needs to leave me alone. I'm changing my number very soon.

A friend told me that they bought a house. A cheap house and that she wrote a poignant note to our mother about it being her dream house. GAG ME! Yes, the mother she watched get sicker and sicker until my mother passed out and my sister had to get the ambulance to take her to the hospital, where my mother died 3 days later. The same mother whose funeral she lied about and kept me from attending. Yes, the mother she loved to death.

I hope no one ever loves me THAT MUCH!

I would live the rest of my life happy if I never heard from her again.

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