Sunday, February 7, 2016

Baby Mama Facebook Drama

GIRL1 So there is this guy and gal who are family that I just found.. I'm not mentioning names for privacy reasons... I've been trying to find them since I found out about them... But now I'm nervous to talk to or even meet cause I honestly don't know what to say... I have a very conniving aunt who I guess never wanted any of us to meet and has done nothing but lie and say horrible things. She has made herself out to be a saint whilst making everyone else feel inferior or look like the devil.
But the devil wears sheep's clothing, you have seriously crossed the line for this! You are a sick and twisted person! How could you do this to me and of all people? You knew how bad we wanted to know them! How bad we wanted to find them! I can never forgive you for this, the time that has been lost... You know how sick I am, you know I'm dying and this is how you treat your niece.... Really?!? I have maybe 4 more years if I'm lucky. So that's all the time I have to try to get to know them! How could you!? I can't believe you sunk this low... I know a lot of the bad things you've done, but this tops the cake! if you were tagged in this it's because all of you should know what she did! The real I'm done with you I hope you're happy with the misery you have bestowed upon so many for years. May God have mercy on your soul! Goodbye...

BM2 It's going to all workout now. I'm so glad I got in touch with y'all.
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 GIRL1 I am too! Thank you so much!
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BM2 I'm so glad that the baby has more family now and no one will stand between that while I'm breathing.
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GIRL1 I agree... Nothing can stand in our ways now...
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CUZ What do you mean you have four years please inbox me I love and miss you
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GIRL1 You know about my disease honey.. it's autoimmune, there's no cure... Trust me I'm fighting and I won't give up.. no worries... I don't talk about my prognosis much with ppl... They look at you different lol.. it's weird.. like they're gonna catch a autoimmune disease or something.. ppl are crazy.. plz don't worry over me cuz.. I love you honey!
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BM1 I love you, and thank you for your support my sister has had 3 years to trash all of us including my son saying that he is dangerous and crazy, I think he is just lost like we have all been at some point in our lives. I was told by my sister that your brother  lived in Switzerland and owned a fortune 500 company and was married to a model and had more than one child.
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BM1And your sister had been a cheerleader and looked identical to GIRL2 blue eyes and blond hair and they wanted nothing to do with me and when my son tried to message me I just thought he was some random crazy person trying to get on my messenger I couldn't see his face
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HO Wowzers!!
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 GIRL1 Wys
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 BM1 When I saw we had 1 mutual friend I called my sister and asked who he was then she told me that was my son and she was afraid of him. And told me to block him and then block his sister so he couldn't find me because he is so dangerous, something told me not to and then BM2 texted me and I learned a lot of my sister's bull, I don't usually air my dirty laundry but who knows what is really going and I haven't slept in days I am just amazed at the crazy in XX it goes way beyond anything anyone could have ever imagined, She is psychotic and demented she enjoys being in everyone else kool-aid as grandma would say, I am glad my mom is not here to see this. I am so shocked and I am dumbfounded, and just so humiliated to even say we share the same DNA.
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BM1 Why does she like to play with people and screw with people's emotions is she that bored with her own life, that she needs to screw with everyone else like she is a movie producer and we are her latest soap opera.
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BM1 What is wys
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GIRL1  What you said... Wys
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GIRL1 It's so insane
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BM1 She is so sick, why would she do this to these 2 innocent kids.
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BM1 Adults
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BM1 Are you feeling better and please call me I am worried about you.
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GIRL1 Cause she is sick.. like when she chased me and XX's son around the neighborhood in a car and we were on foot and like 13.
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GIRL  I'm ok mom. I promise. likeReply1 hr
BM1 We are just pawns in her chess game of life.
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GIRL1 I know. I think you should talk to BOY about BM2.... Immediately
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GIRL1  You should hear him out
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BM1 Don't worry I will XX is that snake in the grass, u remember that story grandma told us about XX quotes that story talking about the snake being BOY. I don't even have to meet my son to know who the real snakes are. If he has one ounce of my DNA then it means he has a conscientious, a heart and a soul.
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GIRL1 Damn straight
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BM1 I may have been born at night but it wasn't last night.
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BM1 Yeah welcome to my nightmare, now I have to find some way to fix what she's doing, she needs help therapy and prayers so while I walk through this process, I have to have faith that God will watch over all of us and help us repair the damage that has been done.
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 HO Sorry to say but you can't fix  (if that's what your talking about) she does not see or understand that she has a problem! She is a sociopath, remember who her father was, and they don't usually hospitalize themselves and well she's a damn good one and can come across very 'sane' when the time is right FOR HER own benefit!! I got front row seats to her 'in action' many years ago when she was doing it to you &  (idk how much remembers & I know  doesn't...not during this time frame) she would burn y'all soooooo bad and then turn right around reel y'all back in...I've never understood it really and it was so painful to watch her do it over and over again. Soo please for your own sake just work on fixing the now by learning who your babies have become and come to piece with FINALLY knowing they are not only alive but willing to reach out and know you! I'm sure things will work itself out for themselves. I understand you will always love your sister, completely UNDERSTANDABLE, but you do not have to have her as a part of your actual everyday life (yes this is my opinion and regardless of how you handle your relationship w/her it will be the right way for you & that's all that really matters smile emoticon

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BM1 I know that she needs help but I feel sorry for her and that is it I know that only a straight jacket or jail would keep their world safe from her, all I care about are my real family, my kids all 4 of them , my grandchildren, My husband and my best friends near and far, and all any of us can do is keep XX at a safe distance but I pitty her she doesn't know what real love or loyalty means, she needs help and I don't know that I care enough or have enough strength left in me to help her she is twisted i dont even know her right now,she is not a priority at this time say a prayer for her so I am leaving it in God's hand's and let him deal with her., I can't waste my life trying to forgive her for everything she does to her self, family members, and the people who thinks she is a friend. I just pray someone can find compassion for her and help her, I don't have time to waste on her anymore really. My life has been so hard as it is because of her, I need a break from crazy right now let her go to bolivar or someplace I am done.

BM1 This is my last post I forgive you, u are my sister and I feel sorry for her.

GIRL1  I'm sorry but I'm not ready to forgive her.... Not for her sake anyway.. I can do it for me, so she has no control over me.... Other than that, I'm done with her... May God have mercy on her soul cause I wouldn't.....

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