Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Sucks

Since I posted last, I have been in the hospital again.

My sister screwed up us from totally getting the official paper we need to discuss the settlement concerning my mother's death.

Bobo didn't balance the checkbook in a timely manner and we have no money for anything. I will have to fill up the car with the emergency credit card.

Root and Chicky have been at it. Both have lied to me about their situation. Upshot- I can't talk to my son. I took all their numbers out of my cell.

Bobo has a job lined up, but we just found out it may be a month or two before it actually opens up.

I have the next 15 days down to a dime and Bobo wants to go eat lunch.

I confessed my need for cash to a friend who owes me money and all I got was a "life sucks, huh?"

I need to find a money tree growing in the backyard, blooming with $100 bills.

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