Tuesday, May 13, 2014

This is another post where I say nothing worth reading

Tonight is diet group meeting night. I think I might skip. I am not in a good frame of mind at the moment.

Plus a local restaurant is celebrating their 30th anniversary with .89 roast beef sandwiches. Since they are normally $2.99, you know I will be there. Eating roast beef oozing with horseradish sauce is the plan.

Bobo had to go to one of his drunk driving classes last night. Luckily he is having to take them at a location near the house.I don't have to drive a total of 80 miles to drop him off, go home, pick him up and go back home. This place is maybe 3 miles from the house, so I only drive 12 miles. Most definitely a plus. I enjoyed having the time to myself, even if I did nothing more than watch TV.

He is looking for a job. I explained if he starts looking now, he'll have one by the time his classes are up. He only goes to one 3-hour class a week, he's acting like he is attending class 14  hours a day, 5 days a week. Part of their class is discussion which ties in with his homework, then they have to watch a film. I guess the films are like those driver's ed movies, like Killer on the Road. Lots of blood and gore smeared on the asphalt.

I ordered new towels for both bathrooms. I plan on hiding all the old towels in the garage to use as rags. I also ordered this old clock off ebay that shows you when to plant certain things. I've coveted this clock forever and now I will actually own one! It was made in 1976. I remember a friend's mom had one when I was in junior high and I've wanted one ever since!

My life is so boring.

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