Monday, July 22, 2013

Full Moon Looker

Tonight is the full moon. I need to look at the full moon and take a gander. Make a wish.
  • I need to resolve the situation with my disability insurance company. They need to pay me the benefits I purchased when I was well.
  • Bobo needs to get either a job or his disability case started up again. Life ain't free, Butthead!
  • I need to stop hating on Betty, the pastor's wife, for not friending me on face book. It's her loss, not mine. It just showed me what a true blue bitch she is at the core.
  • I need to clean up my room. It looks like a cross over of Hoarders and Untold Stories of the ER. I am setting a bad example for the grandkids.
I am going to a medical research group tomorrow and hope to get in. I am having phantom pains in the foot that I didn't have surgery on. The doctors refuse to give me pain meds, stating some new law that went into effect, limiting the number of pain pills I can get. They are counting the meds I got after surgery. No fair, what about the pain medication I refused? Can I get a do over? The only work around is to go through a clinical trial. I hope they give me heroin or something to get the pain gone.

More news later.

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