Sunday, July 7, 2013

busy busy girl

Lots of things have happened!

I watched my niece's baby about a month ago. I had baby-proofed the house and the dog was put in his cage in a locked bedroom. I did everything right.

The baby manage to pull down an antique metal desk fan and cut his face. I sent my niece a picture and she said don't worry about it. It was just a scrape really, the top layer of skin peeled off. Facial wounds tend to bleed a lot and this one didn't even bleed a lot. It was maybe an inch long.

I got the baby on Wednesday. Saturday Bobo got sick and Root took him to the hospital since I had the baby. He had trouble breathing.

I took the baby back so I could go see Bobo at the hospital. The grandfather on the father's side picked up the baby and threw a hissy fit. He asked me if I didn't have common sense, was I stupid, on and on. This man was very ridiculous looking, with a huge Ron Goldman handlebar moustache. I just gave him all the baby stuff back and left. I didn't get smart with him. It was very telling that he wasn't worried about the baby, but did ask me if I had homeowner's insurance to cover it.

When I got home, I planned on going to see Bobo. But when I was turning in the driveway, I had to stop and barf. It went downhill from there. My visiting nurse came by Tuesday and my blood pressure was really low. She asked if I wanted to go to the hospital but I declined. I had the barfs and diarrhea by this time.

The next day I was sicker and falling when I tried to walk. I called my doctor and some dumb ass there told me to stop taking one of my medications and go to the emergency room the next day if I was still sick. Chickie came to take me to the hospital to see Bobo, and long story short, I ended up admitted to the hospital. I was near renal failure.

Bobo had his lungs scraped and got released on Friday. I got released on Saturday.

Root had a surprise party the next week and we went. It was at a restaurant and I had some killer blackened catfish.

Our pantry is full. We had gone to the store and spent our food stamps. Then I made my monthly pilgrimage to the food bank. I actually got edible food! Somehow I ended up with about 30 lbs. of sausage, not of it I chose. I have rolled sausage chubs, 20 lbs. bulk sausage and a tray of 2 dozen links.

I guess I need to start cooking sausage for every meal.

We get food stamps again in 2 days but I am not going to spend them. I don't have room for an more food. All I can think of to buy that I need is bread. I am going to clean out the pantry and take out the stuff we won't eat. I guess I can just take it back to the food bank!

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