Monday, June 10, 2013

pain and no gain

 just realized I skipped my weight-loss group. my alarm never rang off. oh well! next week!


I just got busted by the leader.

To be honest, I  just don't think I have the patience to sit around with old ladies and discuss recipes for diet Jell-O.

I am officially out of pain pills.

I am officially in pain.

I have some crazy crème being formulated just for me, some kind of drug cream.

All I need is do is to learn to live with the pain.

PAIN was never my strong suit. Read 50 Shades of Grey and it didn't get me all hot and bothered.

So the idea of someone sticking a huge needle in my back to paralyze part of the nerves is freaking me out.

I think I am going to learn to live with the pain.

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