Wednesday, September 28, 2011

fall is falling...

sorry i have been MIA. i am trying up a lot of loose ends from my various evil projects:
  • i am expecting a check with the statue of liberty on it! turns out their boo-boo is my windfall!
  • i am waiting on a certain bank to send me a settlement offer, leading to...
  • i am looking for a new home, one which i will NOT owe a house note on!
my mysterious pain has disappeared. i think the "low-fat, no booze, no beef" diet worked. i am bringing this issue up to my doctor the next time i go. i hope it's nothing. i am no longer bed-bound!

looking for a new house is a fun thing. but i can't get my husband to agree on everything. my only stipulation is that we don't owe anyone a penny on it! it doesn't have to be perfect, since we can do renovations with the funds we are paying the house note with now. i am in a lease-to-purchase deal. i will lose the money i put down, but the guy i am buying the house from has failed repeatedly to fix things. my drive-way is a muddy slip-n-slide. the septic system is malfunctioning- and that's one thing that MUST work! i let him know that if we move i expect my deposit back. he says its not refundable but i reminded him of all the unfixed things we have going on around here. i can always take the appliances which would reimburse me a bit. i told him i would be taking them if we can't resolve things. he make a quick promise to fix them- but that was 3 weeks ago!

i am looking at older homes, homes that have been occupied long enough so the bugs are worked out. the home i lost was brand new and the builder did a crappy job. one of the cable outlets was connected to nothing, just slapped on the drywall and screwed in. we went back to the neighborhood and it is really run down. i told the bank in no uncertain terms i didn't want the house back- i want CASH! i am waiting for them to send their first offer to settle and i'm sure there will be a little back and forth there. i have an attorney on the back burner ready to hope on it at a moment's notice, so i won't be wait too long for an acceptable offer. i don't want the statute of limitations to run out.

i talked about my garden before, but it was so hot and i was sick, so i wasn't able to take care of it. i ended up getting 6 edible tomatoes, i think. back in april, my granddaughter had planted a brandywine tomato plant in the shade and i didn't want to hurt her feeling by moving it. surprisingly, it has 8 eight tomatoes on it right now. the plant is so large i ended up putting a 4 foot wire trellis to support it! i hope they ripen enough for me to get to eat them. it's getting colder, but since we are in the south, maybe the warm weather will hold out long enough to do them some good!

i went swimming the other night at a friend's heated pool. it felt great and i slept like a baby that night. the next morning, however, everything hurt! i guess i need to grow a tail and become a mermaid.

did anyone see the item about starbucks writing an obscenity on a woman's cup in the new york area? if i ever get a starbucks cup handed to me with the word BITCH written on it, you can bet soon they will be calling it leebucks. i don't go to starbucks often, usually just when i have a free gift card i got somewhere. i got a keurig  coffeemaker from ebay, for .01 and free shipping. YES, one shiny penny! it makes delicious coffee, i just wish the k-cups were cheaper. i have found you can use each k-cup twice and the coffee is still good. who needs to drive 23 miles to starbucks when i can walk to the kitchen and get a cup just as delicious for 1/10th the price? if anybody calls me a bitch, i can just hit him in the back of the head with a hammer!

later, gators! i promise to be back here on a regular basis! i'm better and life has gone from black-and-white to brilliant technicolor!

*i apologize there are no photos today- blogger is being a true blue starbucks bitch! i will add them later! please don't give up on me! oh, and i think it's time for a new cake!

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