Monday, December 27, 2010


one of my husband's relatives recently had a stroke. we visited her for christmas eve lunch. we drove 32 miles.

then we drove 51 miles to my sister's house for dinner.

but the adventure is not over yet.

i drive another 45 miles to yet another dinner, which we had to send our regrets, but we were invited for dessert and the gift exchange.

i ended up eating 7-layer salad, which i know is not really a dessert, but i love that layered salad old ladies make. i just wish they would not add peas. peas taste like stinky feet.

then i drove 43 miles home.

the next day i had nothing to do. we sat around in sweats, playing with our gifts. i now own more christmas kitchen towels and pot holders than i hope to ever need.

i have been without internet service-heck, make the computer service- due to my laptop's power cord being dive bombed by my dog. nothing since dec. 22.

i do not like my world without internet service.

bye for now, i am entering the world of the sims 3. i may regret this.

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  1. Hi... Jesus bless you. Can I ask ... is He your Saviour? Sorry if it s a too personal question or if it sounds judging.

    Jesus loves you!


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