Thursday, December 9, 2010

do unto other

i'm linked up via bye bye pie with a partner and we discussed what our respective good deeds would be. we are both into cooking, so we are working that angle. there is a very bare-bones shelter near here that i have worked with before. i've cooked them a sunday lunch and i helped turn their clothes room from a huge 10-foot laundry pile to a nice room with clothing on hangers, hung on racks and looking very much like a crappy thrift store. well, i mean, it was a room covered in clothes and now they are on hangers, so that has to be an improvement. i even donated my "sex and the city" poster to cheer it up.

i am going through my coupons too, looking for coupons i know i will need- cookie dough, cake mixes, chicken broth. tomorrow i will go meet with the director and we will work out a menu. she was going to get a list of things together that are getting close to their expiration dates that we would actually need to cook. we can work around that with the things i need to buy.

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