Thursday, October 1, 2009

hello! my name is...

hi! i'm new here. thought i would introduce myself!

my name is lee. i live in mississippi. i am an aries and a bitch. i like cursing, reading and gardening. i don't work outside the home because i have severe arthritis.

my husband is bobo. he is an aries also and he likes nascar. he works at an auto service center.

my dog's name is jack. he is a a parson russell terrier- like a jack russell but meaner. bred to catch ducks. he likes pooping in the house and playing with his plastic bone.
my son is root. he works at an auto service center also. he likes motorcycles, cooking and napping.

his fiancee is chicky. she works at a hospital. she likes bitching, eating and napping. they are getting married on october 9. only one week away!

she has two children: itchy is a 6 year-old girl and scratchy is a 5 year-old boy. i love both of them dearly. they love me too, probably because i have candy!

i spend a lot of my time on the internet, looking for coupons and researching obscure facts. i am just a fountain of useless knowledge. i like coupons, because every dollar i can save is a dollar in my pocket. i am an old school frugalista!

we are victims of the housing crisis, as well being arthritis's bitch. we used to have a big 2-story house. when i got arthritis, i had to quit work and now i only get a portion of my previous salary. we moved because we couldn't afford the mortgage. plus i couldn't go up and down the stairs. i was showering at a friend's house because there wasn't a bathtub or shower downstairs. so we left.
after spending a horrible 8 months in a rat-infested shit shack on the highway, we found a very S-W-E-E-T house. now i have a 1-story, 3 bedroom, 2 bath brick house with a jacuzzi and a fireplace, on 2 acres with a pond, for less than my previous house note. it is currently lease-to-purchase, but when i win the lottery, i will pay it off. yeah, i am going to win the lottery. i just don't know when, soon i hope.

it gets boring out in the sticks. but it's quiet and there is not a lot of traffic or crime.

please visit me! i plan on updating frequently.

well, it's bedtime. sweet dreams to me!

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