Monday, October 26, 2009

making memories and carving jacks

tonight we are going visit the kids.we are caving a pumpkin as a family project. i am bringing a caramel apple cake i made- i will post directions if it is edible- and we are picking up a few pizzas from the gas station.

i want itchy and scratchy to have good childhood memories, not the fuzzed flashes of psychoticism i retain. i want everything to be good when they look back on their younger days.

they will have pictures and trinkets to help recall the memories, and relatives who scrapbook, while all i got was a wad of stuck together clump of gummy polaroids.

so tonight i am making a carved jack-o-lantern. then i am having pizza ad cake with my grandbabies. and no one will scream and fight, no patrol cars will dispatched, and nothing precious will be smashed to bits o the pavement. it will calm and good.

or i'm killing somebody! don't fuck with granny!

UPDATE: never happened. chicky wouldn't answer the telephone when i called. i never saw my $5 pumpkin. next time, my pumpkin stays at my huse.

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